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Plan de Soporte para problemas GUI y CLI en un SVC

Que tal como les va? Les dejo un paso a paso del plan de soporte por los problemas en el SVC relacionados al acceso a GUI y a CLI donde podran ver sobre todo el acceso a la consola de service. El paso a paso esta en ingles.

Regarding the SVC GUI and CLI access issue, I need you to double check that none of the Service IP addresses are able to open the Service Assistant GUI. FYI, each one of the SVC nodes have an individual IP address and you must try accessing the SVC Service Assistant through each one of them.

By the way, there are two ways for accessing the Service Assistant GUI: either using the SVC Cluster IP address or the single Service IP address of any node:


... or

https://service_ip (of a specific node-canister)

Please, try using the first option, via the Cluster IP address/service (the same used for SVC GUI Management) and then, try the Service IP Address of each node in the cluster (from 2 to 8). When you specify the node service IP address on the browser, you do not need to add /service after it.

If you unsure or unaware of the SVC nodes' Service IP addressess, you can check them using the Front Panel of each one: Main Option Actions > Service IPv4 > IPv4 Address.

Actions options

If you are able to access the Service Assistant, you must collect a snap with statesaves from the config node (for root cause analysis) and then trying restarting the Tomcat service. In case it does not resolve the problem, the config node will have to be restarted.


If you're really unable to access the Service Assistant using either Cluster or Service IP addresses, you have to force a restart of the Config Node using its Frontal Panel.

To check which one the Config-Node of the SVC cluster is using the front panel: Main Option Ethernet > Config YES or NO.

Ethernet options

Restarting the config node:

- Press and release the front panel button of the configuration node
- the display will show shutting down
- press and release the front panel button again
- the display should change to show restarting
- if the display doesn't change - keep pressing the button until it does BUT do not hold down the button 

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